Chicago Bus Wash System

If you need the best Chicago Bus Wash System, try the Westmatic Chicago Bus Wash system. Our high tech Transit Bus Wash Systems will clean your motor coaches and buses without a problem in record time. The secret is in our highly sophisticated technology. We use a unique "drive through" wash system which reduces the amount of operator activity needed to get the job done. Its virtually hands-free operation delivers a clean, durable wash every time.

Our patented, unique system includes:

The Chicago Bus Wash system by Westmatic uses high-tech durable brushes which get the job done right every time. The turbo power and full density brush capability keep them moving in the center of the wash bay in every area of the bus for a thorough cleaning job! Our drive-Chicago Bus Wash Systemthrough system makes it super convenient for buses to be cleaned. You can even clean a whole fleet in record time. Our hands-free system is a industry standard that is envied by our competition.

GREAT THINGS ABOUT THE Chicago Bus Wash system:

  • Compact Design
  • Versatility
  • Green Features

The small compact design makes it easy to fit into the wash bay, which reduces building costs for new bus wash locations. The full density brushes make it versatile, because it can be customized for your unique space requirements. The system is eco-friendly due to the water it saves in the wash process. It saves chemical and electricity usage too, compared to traditional systems.

Westmatic Chicago Bus Wash System

Finally, our unique Chicago Bus Wash System focuses on a quality job using highly advanced machinery and technology and reduces driver judgment, so there is less of a chance of accidents and problems during the wash procedure.  For more information on how we can help keep your buses looking like new, contact us online. We are your high-tech all-in-one-solution for bus washing in the greater Chicago area.  Westmatic Chicago Bus Wash System! The "clean and green system!"

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