Chassis/Undercarriage Wash

Washing the chassis or also known as an undercarriage of large vehicles is very important because having cleaner transport vehicles is paramount to how they last. Westmatic Corporation has designed large vehicle washing systems that meet this need efficiently. Our Chassis/Undercarriage Wash System is specifically made to take care of washing the undercarriages of large vehicles. Washing the undercarriage of vehicles may not seem important but there are reasons to invest in a chassis wash system.

It is often overlooked but very important to keep the chassis of your vehicles clean. Many things can be overlooked such as brake dust, tire residue and clutch discs that leave residue. If you are in an area which uses salt for the roads in winter, your chassis wash system is extremely important to keep rust from occurring on your undercarriages.

Washing the Chassis or Undercarriage

Chassis Undercarriage WashOther concerns such as coolant overflow and debris from roadways collect on the chassis of your large vehicles while in transit. Installing a Westmatic Corporation chassis wash system can help to maintain your vehicles for longer periods of time. Reducing the risk of rust with a chassis wash system makes complete business sense.

Westmatic Corporation has designed an undercarriage wash system for large vehicles to help vehicles remain durable and dependable. Cleaning the underside of your large vehicles also prevents road buildup. Businesses have found that using the undercarriage wash system has helped to maintain vital parts of vehicles such as the transmission and even the engine because debris and dirt can cause damage over time.

Westmatic Corporation's chassis wash system is a vital instrument in washing the under body of a vehicle thoroughly. Power washing the under body of your vehicles can help keep your large vehicles running longer and help you to avoid costly preventable repairs.