Austin Bus Wash System

Washing transit and fleet vehicles by hand can be time-consuming and exhausting, it can also substantially increase your expenses for employees. If you are an Austin business owner with a medium to large fleet of vehicles, you can't afford to not invest in automatic drive-though bus wash system technology. Westmatic's patented transit vehicle cleaning systems allow large vehicles up to motor coaches to be driven through quickly and efficiently cleaned with only a single employee to operate the system.

Bus Wash System OptionsAustin Bus Wash System 

Westmatic's hands-free designs offer roll-over technology, drive-through options and touch-less cleaning systems. These options ensure spotless vehicles and utilize environmentally friendly features that reduce run-off and utility costs. Westmatic's durable brush options ensure low maintenance costs and are gentle enough for all surfaces. You don't have to worry about scratches or damage when washing your transit vehicles any longer.

Westmatic Wash Systems Across The Country

If you have been looking for the best Austin bus wash system or you just want a faster way to get your fleet vehicles clean, Westmatic has a system that is ideal for you. Our patented and reliable bus wash systems are used in many major cities such as Seattle and Chicago and we ensure transit vehicles that service thousands of people daily are always looking their best. Our newest compact designs also guarantee low installation costs for business owners. Let our technicians know your needs and we can design a system to your specifications that can fit in whatever space you have to work with. Westmatic understands that one size does not fit all and can always meet your expectations,

Westmatic offers an expansive line of cleaning solutions for transit and fleet vehicles. A fully-enclosed cleaning system from Westmatic ensures your fleet vehicles get a thorough cleaning every time and always present with a professional image. Find out what Westmatic can do for your fleet business.