Atlanta Truck Wash System

When your  fleet of trucks cruises the road every day, thousands of people gain a first impression. Business trucks are often the first opportunity for branding and make a lasting impression. The advertising opportunity afforded by a clean, well maintained fleet is invaluable to your Atlanta business. Westmatic's truck wash systems are custom designed to meet the needs of a business fleet. Featuring fully automated systems that reduce operator discretion during the process, the truck wash systems are equipped to clean all sizes and styles of trucks.

Why The Westmatic System Is DifferentAtlanta Truck Wash System

The Westmatic system easily fits in any garage bay. It is designed to be user friendly and requires only one operator. A fleet of trucks can be cleaned in minutes. Offering three types of cleaning methods, the Westmatic system accommodates all fleet needs:

  • Rollover Washing System
  • Drive Through System
  • Touchless Truck Wash System

A Westmatic truck washing system gets the job done right the first time. High quality brushes remove debris from the front, back, and sides of the trucks to ensure a complete wash. The exclusive Mirror Protection Program is an assurance offered with all of the systems. Brushes and high-pressure spray booms feature detecting sensors that avoid protruding objects.

In addition, Westmatic truck wash fleet cleaning systems operate with belts rather than chains, for ease of operation and less maintenance. . Depend on a truck wash system that comes with a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor as well as a 10-year warranty for the framework. With proper maintenance, which only takes ten minutes per week, your local Atlanta business will benefit from the truck cleaning system for years.

To learn more about Westmatic's truck fleet washing systems and how they can help your local business, contact us today.