Bus Wash Systems in Atlanta

Keeping your company's transit buses thoroughly clean is important because it sends a message to your customers about your brand. When your buses are kept clean it shows your customers that they can expect a clean ride on the interior of the bus as well.

It also tells your customers that you care about your buses and about the image that you present of your business to the world. That's why Westmatic is proud to offer an innovative solution to the time-consuming task of keeping your transit buses clean. With Westmatic's Atlanta bus washing system, cleaning is customizable, efficient, and easy.

The first thing that you can expect from an Atlanta bus washing system is to save money and a ton of valuable time. This is a green clean solution and a cost-effective solution. With a Westmatic system you'll notice a dramatic reduction in water waste and electricity waste. They also use less chemicals compared to other systems.

Westmatic's Atlanta Bus Wash Systems Include:

  • Rollover Washing Systems
  • Drive-Through Wash Systems
  • Touchless Bus Wash Systems
Atlanta Bus Wash System

Often times, thanks to the compact design of the Westmatic bus washing system the need to build new bay space is eliminated. And cleaning is a breeze. A Westmatic Atlanta bus washing system is highly-versatile and each wash is customizable.

The system itself has the capabilities of moving towards the center area of the bay where it then works quickly and efficiently to clean the entire bus with an overlapping brush movement. The brushes of this system are able to clean the front, sides, and rear of the bus. Combining the brushes with a high-pressure washing spray ensures a safe and efficient wash.

If you would like to learn more, or if you would like to request information regarding Westmatic's Atlanta bus wash systems, contact us today.