Construction Vehicle Wash System

Are you looking for construction vehicle wash systems? Look no more, because at Westmatic we provide top-notch construction equipment wash systems that maintain reliability as well as keeping your equipment/vehicles safe.

Our unparalleled commitment to providing systems that will help reduce your cleaning costs is unmatchable. At our company, we pride ourselves with over 35 years of experience in providing the latter systems; therefore, trust me when I tell you that we are well versed in this field.

Construction Equipment Wash Systems At Westmatic we sell

  • Friction Brushes
  • Touchless rollover
  • Touchless drive-through systems
  • Drive-through systems
  • Pressure washers

The systems are designed for heavy-duty constructions vehicles including excavators, loaders, and haul vehicles just to mention a few. Importantly, at Westmatic we employ Scandinavian Engineering to come up with extremely efficient systems. Our truck washing systems help to keep your vehicles in good condition and reduce downtime.

Why do you need a Construction Equipment Wash System?

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Did you know that clean construction equipment lasts longer? Many people tend to save a buck or two by employing inferior cleaning techniques not knowing they are compromising the integrity of the machinery, and in the long run end up incurring more expenses by buying new equipment—not the nicest fact to know.

Additionally, equipment that is not well maintained present hazards to the operators and this can lead to costly lawsuits. Therefore, it is important to visit our outlets to avoid the headache that comes with the above problems.

How do you choose the best System for your Construction Equipment?

First, it is vital to note that before buying any of our systems, we advise our client to consult our staff. A cleaning system model will always depend on the type of dirt you will be dealing with, for instance, grease, mud, and grime or sometimes might involve all of them.

At Westmatic, we will always provide exclusive insights on how to clean constructions machinery more than meets the eye. Therefore, if you are having trouble cleaning your construction equipment just contact us and you will never regret the decision.