Westmatic Case Study

Fisher Bus keeps their school bus and motorcoach fleets clean and shiny


Buffalo, NY


Fisher Bus Services

Date Installed


Fisher Bus Services provides pupil transportation to several large school districts in Western New York. Fisher’s fleet of 68 buses are also available for charter services.
In addition to providing school transportation, Fisher operates Know How Tours/Niagara Scenic Tours which provide motorcoach tours for tourists visiting New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Canada.
Fisher knows it is important to keep their school bus fleet clean and shiny to help prevent corrosion and damage from road dirt. Equally as important, they know that a clean and bright yellow bus is more visible while transporting children through large and heavily populated school districts.
Fisher wanted an automatic wash system that would accommodate their school bus and motorcoach fleet which includes passenger coaches, mini coaches and passenger shuttle vehicles.
Westmatic determined that a Multiwash Rollover system would best wash Fisher’s mixed fleet. The rollover machine thoroughly washes the vehicle using a top brush and two vertical side brushes. The brushes intelligently wash around mirrors and other vehicle protrusions. The Multiwash can be installed in most existing wash bays making it ideal for the retrofit needed for Fisher’s maintenance facility.

Westmatic Multiwash Machines



“I would like to thank you for all of your service to the Fisher Group. Your Westmatic bus wash system has been a great asset to our new building, and our buses have never looked cleaner. Besides the great wash system, your service has been second to none...You have a Westmatic customer for life.”
Hadley Bos-Fisher
Fisher Bus Service